Find Yourself on a Horse

Empowering Women in the Barn ~ and Beyond

The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Relationship With Your Horse Today

Your relationship with your horse is special, but sometimes you wonder if it’s as good as it can be. Do you experience any of the following situations?

•You’re so tense when you arrive at the barn that you’re done with your ride by the time you start to relax.

•Spending time with your horse is becoming just another item on your to-do list

•You feel like something’s missing in your relationship with your horse.

If any of these describe your situation, take heart. I’d love to share something with you that’s helped hundreds of women. By learning this one thing, you’ll not only improve your relationship with your horse, you may just start to enjoy the rest of your life a little more, too. As an internationally certified riding instructor, I’ve taught hundreds of people to ride over the last 30 years. One of the biggest discoveries I’ve made, is that it isn’t just about the riding. While my students were learning to ride, they were also learning important life skills. I found that my instruction empowered them in the barn — and beyond. To start improving your relationship with your horse today, simply enter your name and email address in the box below and click the button that says “Start today!”. I’ll send you this lesson, and periodic updates about taking your relationship with your horse to the next level.

And when you’re ready to develop an even deeper understanding of your horse, and your self – click HERE to visit the Course page to learn about the 4 week Find Yourself on a Horse Course starting in February.

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